Lesson 62: Sometimes you see the bullet, sometimes you don’t.



Last week was an amazing week for me – full of travel, an incredibly inspiring conference full of new connections, excitement, anticipation, disappointment and sheer frustration. But through all the high highs and lower lows, one single thought has echoed in my brain: Trust that it’s all in perfect order.

Which is NOT always easy to do.

Especially when the disappointment comes in the form of a important meeting delayed after flying cross-country, or a painfully rare hot date that suddenly evaporates. Oh universe (and dumb men), your cruelty knows no end…

But I know it’s true.

Last month I was given the rare opportunity to see how one “obstacle” can truly be a blessing.  I was set to fly home after three weeks of traveling when I suddenly came down with a really bad head cold the night before. I woke at 6am and thought, there is NO way I can subject my eardrums to 10,000 feet pressure. Especially since I needed to transfer planes in Chicago, so I’d need to deal with FOUR takeoffs and landings.

I was so bummed, and worried, and thought “Why me?”

But it was also Rosh Hashanah, and having just been flooded with reminders of how the universe is really always looking out for us, my second thought was this: “I guess the universe doesn’t want me to fly today.”

Incredibly, I was easily able to find, rent and get a car within the next 2 hours, and was all packed up for my seven-hour drive home. Which, for the record, cost me $60 – the same amount a car to JFK airport costs – and takes basically the same amount of time traveling, door to door.

As I walked the 6 blocks to pick up my rental car, I felt my head and sinuses ease up a bit. Which was weird – but I took it as a sign that I was doing the right thing. And as the doorman loaded my bags into the ample trunk of my car, my phone rang.

“I had to call and tell you, the entire Chicago airspace is shut down,” my mom excitedly told me. “Some air traffic controller went AWOL and set the tower on fire. There are no planes going in or out today.”

Holy crap! I thought and said. There was NO doubt in my mind that I was saved from a day of traveling hell and misery, had I forced myself to take that flight.

That situation has been on my mind all week, as I’ve had a very important meeting delayed hours after flying across country to be there. And a very exciting date postponed not once, but twice – mere hours before it happening. The second time I was already dressed and there! Clearly, this boy is NOT worthy of this girl. I definitely dodged a bullet there. Thank you, universe for the heads up…

It always makes me think about the Matt Damon movie, The Adjustment Bureau, where a spilled cup of coffee is the difference between seeing or not seeing his love interest, Emily Blunt.

Even if we can’t always see the “fire,” there is no doubt that we are being saved from something. Or held back until the timing is better. The hard part is believing that, and trusting what we can’t possibly see.

So the next time you miss your train, spill coffee on yourself (or Emily Blunt), or *sigh* get stood up for a hot date – think about the possibility that it’s really for the best. It’s not easy, oh I know. My head is there, but my been-single-for-WAY-too-long body is a little reluctant…

Nevertheless, I know this to be true. Trust that if it’s not happening, it’s probably for your own good.

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