Lesson 53: Don’t stop believing.


A dear friend of mine posted something on Facebook last week that stuck with me, long after going offline. It was his horoscope that day, which asked a good question:

 “Why does it seem so much easier for you to believe that something bad can happen, but so much more difficult to trust in your good fortune?…You’ve got great potential but in order to really see it through, you need to believe not only that you have it, but that the universe needs to see you shine.”

I loved that concept, because it made sense. Of course the universe wants to see us succeed – happy people create more happiness, and more goodness. But for some reason, it’s so much easier to believe that only bad things are coming our way. That we’re cursed.

Even Pretty Woman’s Vivian knew this when she tells Edward, “The bad stuff is easier to believe. You ever notice that?”

Why is it SO much easier to worry about what we DON’T want, than it is to focus on what we DO want? I’ve written about this before but I still do it. And I know I’m not alone. Is it maybe because we get more attention that way – by talking about how hard everything is? Or, is it because we feel like we don’t deserve whatever job, house, relationship, or car that we dream of?

Or maybe, is it because admitting that you want something so much is scary. If you’ve been disappointed at all in life, you know there’s a chance you wont get it. And that hurts. Sometimes for a long time. So it becomes easier to only want the things you KNOW you can succeed at getting. Even if it’s not what you really want. That feels so much safer, to me anyway. So we begin, slowly, to convince ourselves to want less.

A Kabbalah teacher once told us (actually he demanded) in class “Be greedy!! Be greedy for the Light!!” Meaning – Want more. Want everything! But for the right reasons, and be willing to do the work to get it. Each and every one of us must earn whatever we receive – otherwise it won’t last or feel as good.

I for one can’t afford to want less any more. I have too much at stake.

I’m about to embark on a journey with an unknown destination. It would be so easy for me to look at all that could go wrong – I can do that in my sleep. Actually, I was. Which is why I wasn’t sleeping for a couple of weeks.

I need to remember that things can go wonderfully right. I need to trust the universe. And I need to stay as positive as possible so that I’ll hear and see the signs when it nudges me in the right direction. I need positive people around me who believe that things are about to get really good. I value that in my friends, so much.

I need to believe something amazing is about to happen. Because believing is more than half the battle. I think maybe it IS the battle.

I wholeheartedly believe in the Law of Attraction. Our words and our thoughts are so powerful. What we talk about, what we think about – what we WORRY about, has energy. And like attracts like.

Why not believe that something spectacular is about to happen? Especially if it hasn’t in a while. You’re due. And so am I.

Believing that feels a whole lot better.

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