Lesson 51: Learn Hands-Only CPR

Screenshot 2014-02-18 11.54.00

What would you do if you saw someone suddenly pass out and stop breathing?

Call 911? Walk away? Try to help?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always worried that I wouldn’t know how to help. Which is why I was thrilled when our client, NewYork-Presbyterian, asked my ad agency to help create a campaign to show people how easy it is to learn Hands-only CPR.


Apparently, they’ve found that doing JUST the compressions alone can save a life. (No more messy, complicated breathing into a stranger’s mouth.) Especially when it’s started  within the first few minutes of a cardiac arrest.

All you have to do is remember a song that has 100 beats per minute. Like “Stayin’ Alive”, “I Will Survive,” or… so many songs, we partnered with Spotify and created a playlist with over 40 songs to save a life to. Pick your favorite and remember it in case someone is ever in need. Then push hard and fast between their nipples (yes, I said nipples) to the beat of that song until help arrives, and you can be someone’s hero.


Learning this simple technique is probably the sweetest thing you could do for anyone, especially someone you love – in case they ever need your help. It only takes 60 seconds to learn – and can save someone’s life. Just ask Michael Kiernan



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