Lesson 43: Be brave.


“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” ~ Susan Jeffers

My latest article in Huffington Post talks about the allure and necessity of courage – in life and love:

“Being brave isn’t just necessary to win the girl of your dreams, but in order to keep her. Being honest takes courage. The courage to speak your truth and risk the possibility of your partner laughing or yelling at you. Or leaving. But as I learned the hard way in my last relationship, without the truth you have nothing. As much as he loved me, Thom was unable to be honest — about anything. Mostly about his fears and flaws, which we all have. He lost me because he didn’t believe he was lovable just the way he was. He was afraid that if I saw the real him, I wouldn’t love him. Ironically, I loved him unconditionally, I just couldn’t live with the lies.

The truth is, if you can’t trust the person you love to accept you, exactly as you are, what you really risk is never knowing how much they truly do love you.”

Read more here.  And please share it if you like what you read!

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