Lesson 37: Love trumps hate

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.”

~ Edmund Burke


Earlier this week I read this incredible (and sad) story about an amazing dog in Bulgaria. Maybe you’ve heard about Borko – he was beaten so badly his spine was broken. Not only did he survive, but a wonderful Bulgarian doctor took him in, rehabilitated him, and gave Borko a second chance.

But for whatever reason, that wasn’t where the story ended. It got worse. Apparently there’s some sort of “war on strays” in Bulgaria and people were outraged that this doctor was caring for Borko and other stray dogs in the area. So much so that they went to his house, with a film crew, and beat Borko – AGAIN!

Seriously – how do these people not spontaneously combust from bad karma when they do these horrific things? If I ruled the universe…

Again, Borko survived, and now the world is watching. There have been countless petitions circulating in an attempt to change the laws and behavior of the Bulgarian people and government. Apparently now they’re trying to EVICT Dr. Litov and his family. If you haven’t signed one yet, please do.

What has amazed me about this story is how love is conquering hate. Good is triumphing over evil. That no matter how many hurtful, cruel, and violent people or acts there seem to be in this world (and some days I truly question our humanity) – there always seem to be more kind, caring, and loving souls than evil ones.

And even more to my point, I kinda dig how these awful people were actually the cause of their own demise. That their actions were so vile – and so arrogantly filmed – that people took notice and spoke out. Loudly!

I adore animals, and the way they unconditionally love and trust us. It breaks my heart at times to know of people who take advantage of that trust. But my faith in mankind is renewed when I see the multitude of comments from people who like me, are outraged.

Unfortunately, it seems it often takes a tragic crisis to get the attention of the world. Like the children of Newtown, or Borko and all the Bulgaria strays who were beaten before him (and sadly, there have been many.) But I believe good does triumph over evil – as long as we don’t sit quietly on the sidelines. With all the online petitions today, it’s easier than ever to make a difference. With whatever cause matters to you.

Never forget how strong our voices are when we use them together. And how powerful love is. It truly can move mountains.


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