Lesson 35: Never underestimate the power of a good blow-out

blow out

I’m totally serious. And no, I don’t mean “blow out” as in a good fight.

This is a curly-hair girl thing. I’m talking about plopping down your hard-earned cash to get your locks professionally blown dry straight. Best $50 I’ve ever spent.

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy the last several days, both physically and emotionally. Plus, I have an important meeting tomorrow and a couple upcoming dates this weekend. I needed to feel better. Fast.

So I left work a tad early and made it to my favorite class at the gym, “Zen Combat.” To me it’s choreographed kickboxing. To our amazing fearless leader, Violet Zaki – it’s the ultimate discipline for your mind and body that helps you “find your inner warrior.” Whatever you call it, it’s an AWESOME workout and helped get back on the right track. I will be back next week.

Then, after a quick shower, I was able to get an appointment for a blow-out across the street. What a difference a hairstyle can make.

I don’t like to admit that feeling unattractive still gets the best of me some days. As much as I hate it, those self-critical thoughts and feelings can shake me to my core and keep me feeling less than for days. So I guess it’s good to remember what tools there are out there to fight back. Call it my “outer warrior” exercise.

Maybe for you it’s a massage, manicure, eyebrow wax, or run around the park. There are enough messages out there telling us how we’re not “enough” of so many things. If there’s something that helps silence those voices, I say – when you feel buried under them, fight back with your weapon of choice.

Tonight, mine happened to be a blow-drier in the skilled hands of Sebna at J. Christopher Salon. Take THAT, you ugly opponent voices in my head!

And suddenly, I’m a new woman. Worth every penny.


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