Lesson 31: If it doesn’t fit, throw it out.


It’s been an interesting week.

After coming back, tanned and relaxed, from an amazing experience shooting a spot in Cape Town, and being reminded of what I’m good at/love about advertising – “reality” hit me in the face. Hard.

In about 2 days time, I was passed over for a job opportunity in Miami, then told by my current CD that lacked talent. I was really contemplating hiding under the covers for the next 6 months. This city is cold enough in the winter, but being told that you’re not wanted over and over again is sobering, and depressing.

Then something miraculous happened. I got published – in Huffington Post. Which was such incredible validation at such a needed time, I honestly feel it was a message from the universe – to keep writing. And I really needed that.


But here’s the kicker – it happened exactly how I hoped it would, not as I was told it could by an “expert.” A teacher I had a couple of summers ago planted the seed in our heads that getting published had less to do with passion, and more to do with finding the right venue. In fact, he told us NOT to write what we were passionate about, but instead, to find an article we liked and write something similar (with our own angle), then send it to that publication.

I’ve spent over a year trying to get myself excited about doing that.

Instead, I wrote what was in my heart. Yes, inspired by a brilliant piece I read in the NY Times on the same topic. But I submitted it where I had a connection and felt it belonged.

So I took what worked for me from his advice and threw out the rest.

I think that’s the key with advice. Listen to it, really listen, and ask yourself what makes sense for you. Maybe even try it. But if it moves you further away from your happiness, throw it out. Just because someone is older or more experienced than you doesn’t make them right. About you, or how to find success.

In the end, you are truly your best “expert.” Listen well.

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