Lesson 29: Ignore the bad


For about a year now, I’ve been working on an idea for an article on dating and why it seems to be so much harder these days. Basically my premise is this: women are giving it away. Especially the young ones, with time seemingly on their side.

Yes, the hookup culture is alive and well in America, and killing love and courtship. It must be true, the Times has run an piece on it. And it’s really good…

Oh, how I long to write this article. I could cite example after example and recount countless witty stories of how this is true, in my life and the lives of my friends and colleagues. You honestly only have to overhear one or two conversations on the subway or in the gym to know it’s more than just me. Or everyone in that article.

But I can’t. I know the power of negative thinking. You create what you believe in life, so if I BELIEVE there are no decent men to date, and that loose women, texting and online dating has ruined courtship – then it’s true.

I was taught, 20 years ago, in my first Silva Method of Mind Development class, that what you put in you get out. Our brains are computers, and whatever we “program” them with is what we will manifest in our lives.

So, in spite of all the “proof” out there that I’m more likely to get hit by lightning than meet a great guy when I step outside tomorrow. I am doing my best to ignore it.

That’s right, I’m ignoring it all:  bad news, bad behavior – and bad stats. Because if I don’t, and I focus on all the proof of hopelessness there is out there, I’m sure to be proven right. And I want so badly to be wrong.

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