Lesson 28: Improve your view

ImageIt’s hard to be depressed in paradise. 

I mean, you start thinking about whatever it is that is lacking in your life, your eyes tear up, and as you wipe them away, you see beautiful blue skies, palm trees and perfectly sunny 75 degree skies.  And you feel ridiculous…

I’m in Maui for the new year, which is a breathtakingly beautiful place. Seriously, everywhere I walk, drive or swim the word “Wow” is falling out of my mouth. I’m not just talking about the lush and gorgeous resorts and tourist areas. But the scenery – the land itself – is stunning. Mother nature is a brilliant landscape architect.

I highly encourage everyone to visit here once in their lifetime. It really gives you pause, and  for me – as I’m contemplating a major change in my life – helps me refocus on what I want in life.

Things aren’t perfect in a beautiful place, but it is easier to see the good. To feel good. To be positive and hope for new and better experiences. It gets hard in an “eat or be eaten” environment like New York City to stay positive. Especially when you’re doing everything on your own. I really think that’s the best part of being in a relationship: there’s someone there to pull you up when you’re down, and vice versa. It’s harder to stay up in the face of adversity when you’re going at everything alone. I think I’ve done a pretty good job, considering all I’ve faced this past year. But for the new year, I’ve decided I need a change in scenery.

My friend Sharon brought these beautiful cards to Maui for each of us to pick from. They give you an affirmation, and they’ve been eerily accurate. Mine is all about being positive, to create positive things. I couldn’t agree more.


But I realize I need a little help to do that. I need to see beauty in my life. I need the sun. I need the warmth.

I need a change. 

So in 2013, like a flower that grows best in the sunlight, my resolution is to move wherever I can feel the warmth. To find a place where my heart and soul feel nourished and hopeful. So that I can focus on what I want, not what I don’t want.

My New Years wish to all of you is the same – it’s so easy to think about all that’s wrong in the world: school shootings, hurricanes and the threat of war. But I truly believe that where we put our words and thoughts – our energy – that is what grows.

Use your valuable words and thoughts to grow something beautiful in your life, and in our world. Focus on what’s right, ignore what is wrong. And let it wither and die like an unwatered weed.

Happy and healthy 2013 to us all!



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