Lesson 27: Do one thing


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with To Do lists – especially this time of the year. Everything seems so important: to move our lives forward, to help a friend, bring holiday joy to a child in need. It’s hard to get it all done.

Lately, I’ve been so weighed down with all I want and need to do that I just shut down and did nothing. Nada.

One night I even got home early, intending to use the time to get a bunch of tasks accomplished. Instead I think I actually sat down and watched 6 hours of television one night. Six!

I was too overwhelmed by the boxes piling up in my apartment, unpacked suitcase and handwritten lists on Post-It notes. I couldn’t face it all. Each night I’d come home with good intentions to tackle one or five projects. And each night I’d be exhausted by the thought of how long it might take me. So instead, I just turned on the TV and did nothing. Which left me feeling worse in the morning.

Finally yesterday, after a good night’s sleep, I made some progress doing one thing. Then another, and another. And I felt better. More motivated and inspired to do more. I know it’s not rocket science, but for some reason I needed reminding. That when you’re overwhelmed and feel frozen by the pile of “things” needing your attention: just do one.

The momentum will often get you further than you expected.

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