Lesson 7: Don’t react. Ever.

I have been SO irritable lately.

Everyone seems to be, actually – and according to Kabbalah, with good reason. It’s hot out, and there’s way too much ‘Light.’ Everyone’s just bubbling up at their boiling points.

One wrong look or bump and, POW! Everyone seems to be looking for a fight. The Kabbalists call this the “3 most negative weeks of the year”:

It’s because we are in the midst of a difficult period that started on the 17th of Cancer (July 19th) and continues to the 9th of Leo (August 9th). During this time of year, a shift in the spiritual universe occurs that causes the removal of a filter from around our soul.

Normally this filter determines how much Light we can receive. Without it, we’re flooded with Light. It’s like having no ozone layer to protect us from the sun.

This intense infusion of Light tends to make us unbalanced and unclear. As we teach in The Power of Kabbalah book/course we each have two voices in our head, the voice of our soul and the voice of the Opponent. During these three weeks, the pressure turns the volume up on the Opponent. Way up.

There are, however, amazing opportunities for getting clarity during this period.

And have I. After about a week of feeling irritable and reactive – jumping at every little button that anyone pushes – I think I have found some clarity.

For one, my judging and reactive behavior has got to stop. There’s a saying that my first teacher, Eliyahu Jian, taught me:

Decide right now:

do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?

I don’t know about you, but I want to be happy. As much as I may be right about this friend’s poor parenting skills, my ex’s inconsideration, or my mom’s irrational fear about Facebook, my judging them or reacting to their concerns with anything but love and compassion isn’t going to get me anywhere good.

Being a student of a spiritual teaching like Kabbalah is really hard work. Once you know better, you know better. Meaning, I can no longer blame the world for my problems, I know it’s in my hands. I believe that how I treat a stranger on the subway, when she pushes her way ahead of me, helps determine the rest of my life. How I judge a co-worker’s laziness or lack of attention comes right back to me. Not necessarily from them, or at that moment – but it comes back. Like a boomerang.

And, as I learned tonight, I might actually be pushing good things away with my negativity. Like my soul mate. And job opportunities. Big things.

It’s so so easy to react to being mistreated or poor behavior from a loved one. But it takes a whole new level of restraint to know that something is unfair or not right, and CHOOSE to say or do nothing. To trust the universe.

I think I’m finally ready for whatever life brings. The more annoying the better. I’m determined to see it all as an opportunity to NOT react, and reap the rewards. The ultimate test or video game, with the prize being true love, health and happiness.

Bring it.

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