Lesson 6: Love heals.

Meet Peanut and Praline – my baby girls. They are what my mom likes to call “love covered in fur.” They’re 5 weeks apart from 2 different litters of NYC street kittens. Not that they’d know this – they’re closer than any birth siblings I’ve ever seen. They have to sleep touching each other, and often curled up around one another, spooning. It’s beyond adorable.

I adopted these two bundles of love last August, when my heart was more than broken. It had been pulled out of my chest and stomped on before being left to wither in the sun.

They healed me with their unconditional love and complete sweetness. Praline especially, her morning ritual of burrowing under the covers and kneading my chest, purring loudly as she marked my face with hers just melted my heart. And as she did it, Peanut would “love” me in her own special way: by pouncing on my feet, like a tiger capturing her prey. Their different personalities made me laugh, which I so desperately needed.

So when 4 month old Praline was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease last October, I pulled out all the stops to help her get better. I found an amazing integrated vet, Dr. Jennifer Gabriele at Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital, who prescribed the perfect combination of remedies: anti-virals, immune support and heaps of my love. She and I knew what many doctors still won’t embrace, that love heals.  It’s why I wouldn’t separate Peanut from Praline, even though the virus could be highly contagious. Just the suggestion of it from Dr. Gabriele broke my heart.

“I can’t split them up – it would stress them both out so much. They love each other and are each other’s best medicine!”

I knew I had found the right vet when she called me back a couple of days later, all excited because she realized that little Peanut was right on the cusp of being old enough for the vaccine. Thank God! They could stay together, and help keep each other healthy.

Love was their medicine – mine and theirs – along with ample supplies of meditation. They both turned one this summer, and I’m so grateful everyday to see how happy and healthy they are. Especially, Praline – who’s 100% healthy and so very happy. Her “morning lovies,” as I’ve come to call them, are a daily reminder of how loved and lucky we are to have found each other.


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