Lesson 4: Listen to people’s silences.

I wrote this a few months ago, but only now is it starting to sink in.

“Listen. To what is being said. To what is being shown. But mostly to people’s silences, for what they cannot say, speaks volumes…”

I have always been awful at listening, I’m a talker and a compulsive “helper.” But worst of all, I’ve been awful at hearing what ISN’T been said. You know, like when you make a strong opinionated statement about the military and the uniformed man you love says nothing in return.

I’ve always assumed that if others have a differing opinion or perspective, that they’d share it with me. But I’ve never really paused long enough to see if they would. I tend to fill in the chasm of those awkward moments with my own words.

The rest of that channeled journal entry reads:

“It is not my responsibility to know what someone else is thinking or feeling if they can’t share it with me. But it is my opportunity, when I sense discomfort, to get quiet enough to let the other person feel they’ll be heard.”

Those silences speak volumes. Not only am I finally realizing this, but I’m also getting the chance to do it differently.

I can only hope it will make a difference.

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